Balancing Cream

Soft, light face cream for combination skin.


Product Details

This soft, light face cream has been specially developed for combination skin and provides a feeling of more moisture when applied. First cream, then serum, then moisture boost.
The face cream is ideal for your exclusive daily care routine for combination skin. Combination skin consists partly of both dry and oily, shiny areas. While the cheeks and eye areas tend to lack moisture, the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) are characterized by an oily sheen and extended pores.


The complexion is left looking fresher, well-moisturized and more even.


The cream is step 5 in your care routine. Gently massage into the skin mornings and/or evenings following cleansing. As the perfect complimentary treatment, we recommend the BALANCING CREAM RICH for rich nighttime care.

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