How To Fall In Love With Your Skin In Three Simple Step 1 of 5

The struggle started when I lost my beautiful Mummabear. My beautiful mum got diagnosed with last stage ovarian cancer, and just the thought of losing her really scared me and I had no idea how to overcome the constant thought of losing her…

Doctors told me that she had only 7 months to live and that was the moment when I experienced a bit of life being snatched away from me. Being the baby of the house and my Mother’s favourite girl I couldn’t accept the fact that I was about to lose the woman who loved and cared for me the most.

The year  2007 really took its toll on my family and myself, and when the pain was just emotional, it unfortunately, caused physical damage to my skin. As a child, I had never endured the suffering of teenage acne but because of the unbearable pain I was enduring at the time of my Mother’s final months, I broke out in the worst cystic acne on my jawline! That’s when the most unexpected thing happened in my life.


So exactly 7 months later my mum was not with me and my skin was not to it’s best, jawline had all  cystic acne was working for food industry wasn’t the best place to have this skin people will talk not looking at my eyes but my breakouts saying why don’t you do something about it, you are entering the skin industry and look at your skin.

“Blemishes and clogged pores – especially those that appear around the chin, jawline and lower face – can commonly be caused by an influx of hormones. You will typically see these blemishes worsen the week before your period. This is when oestrogen levels drop, and testosterone and progesterone levels rise. This in turn causes increased oil production and restricted pores in the skin. The end result is blemishes, bumps, blackheads and milia”


Hormonal acne may also indicate deeper health concerns such as stress, excessive androgen or menopause.

So the search began how to get this skin better little I know what was causing my skin irritation couldn’t sleep because was missing my mum and used to watch TV a lot so I came across Proactive wow thought all this celebrities use his product so it will be perfect, I ordered some  and started using it to cure my cystic acne!!!

My Angel mum before she left me she knew that I had  a potential to enter the beauty industry so I started my beauty course and while I  was trying to fix my skin I was in the college and doing my assignment on cleanser so I chose my cleanser and what I found was horrible.

Note Choosing right diet ,products,exercise is very important too.

Stay tune tomorrow for Tip # 2 to how to look after those blemishes!