Empowerment. Inclusivity. Luminescence.

Your Beauty Is You

Being boldly you is the foundation of your true beauty that radiates from within. Driven by a passionate heart, you wear a dazzling smile that shines from your soul while you bring every single one of your dreams to life for your self and your family. You bravely step out of your comfort zone and go out of your way to support the womankind.

You are a FERALI woman.

We’re here to champion and celebrate you with luxury, cruelty-free makeup recognizing your talents and strengths for what they truly are.
We care about people, animals and our planet believing we’re all interconnected and are committed and accountable in all we do.
We’re fiercely dedicated to the beauty of ALL women for utmost inclusivity.

Founder & Owner

Feriel Ali

As a Brisbane Makeup Artist, I created FERALI Cosmetics to meet the needs of a whole spectrum of skin colours and tones after struggling to find makeup, particularly foundation, for clientele predominantly with an Indian background. Energised by a passion to fill this gap in the market, I set about formulating an expansive and inclusive range leading the way with a revolutionary makeup base and growing to the collection you see today.

While growing up in Fiji I dreamed of a sophisticated and adventurous career and unexpectedly found it in beauty and skin health, knowing I could empower women and make a real difference. Having featured in Asiana Bridal Runway and RAW Brisbane while heading The Verve Beauty
Lounge, I utilise varied and extensive experience in the entire creation of FERALI.

Born from the belief all women embody confidence and independence, I’m proud and honoured to bring the bespoke and elegant FERALI Cosmetics collection to you.

Feriel Ali