About Ferali

FERALI equals: independence, positivity, tenacity of purpose and self-confidence.

What is FERALI?

FERALI is a cosmetic brand born of the belief that all women embody the elements of confidence and independence. We celebrate the characteristics of positivity and tenacity of purpose. Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to the beauty of women in all forms.

We care about our community and the environment, acknowledging that all things exist in a causal relationship with one another. Therefore, we are accountable and committed, just like the women who are drawn to our product.


Who is a FERALI woman?

A FERALI woman is driven by a strength of heart, she wears a dazzling smile that shines from her soul. She is never afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Honouring ‘beauty with a cause’ she will go out of her way to ‘empower another sister’.

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About The Owner

Feriel Ali

was spurred by a passion to improve upon the tools she had at her disposal as a makeup artist. In particular, her choice of base products. Working with a clientele from a predominantly Indian ethnic background in bridal makeovers, Feriel struggled to find the right colour foundation for this specific skin type.
Considering the market at the time failed to address this demographic, she took the initiative to formulate something herself. Feriel’s revolutionary makeup base would lead the way in the creation of an expanded product line; aimed at inclusiveness over an entire spectrum of skin colours and tones.

Feriel Ali


Our Mission

Our mission is to create professional high-end beauty products that continue to transform the industry. We believe that all women should have access to tailored and refined cosmetic solutions.

Aiming for maximum inclusiveness, we champion the perspective that ‘no woman should feel left out’ when it comes to feeling and looking their absolute best. We are in support of self-confidence; seeking out innovations and initiatives that further this resolve on a global basis.

Cruelty Free Promise

Ferali is 100 percent cruelty-free. We do not test on animals or use animal derived by-product in our formulations. We carefully manage our supply-chain, with full accountability.